Since 1984 Akvaario Kurki has become as one of the biggest and well-known aquarium shop in Finland. Starting with retail we now have wholesale as well as maintenance of public aquariums. We are situated in the middle of the Helsinki region and only 5 km from International Airport. Our own import makes sure you´ll  get the best quality fishes and plants. From our store you´ll find the best aquarium products.

In the 1990´s we gradually started to pay attention to wholesale. We sell quality plants and fishes, we have a great variety of frozen fish foods. We sell Astra quality products, fish foods and water conditioners as well as the luxury aquariums of  WOHA in Finland. We import MESSNER´s pond products, water tests, remedies, aquarium decorations, backgrounds etc.

Quality is a big issue to us, we sell only the best. Also our breeders pay attention to quality.

In the future Akvaario Kurki will still develop its business keeping quality in the mind all the time. We continue to look for new interesting products. We are in this business with our heart. You find the best “know-how” from us as we deal strictly with aquariums.

Akvaario Kurki is a reliable and safe place to buy whether you are a hobbyist, a retailer or interested in maintenance of public aquariums. You are allways welcome.